Ground School

CPL Ground School (CPL 1.2)

Welcome to the Commercial Pilot Ground School

Our initial release of the Commercial Pilot Ground Schoo will be our Dynamic Experience Version which allows you to get your CPL ground school at a deeply discounted price of $350. Basically, we want your feedback as you work through the course while we continue to enhance it with new material.

*** The latest update of the course includes most of the new AI Question Modules. These modules use an AI algorithm to take you through a series of questions while gauging confidence in your answers. Based on the results the system will tailor the follow-up learning experience to your individual needs. This new addition will not only help you to become a better pilot but ensure maximum success on the Transport Canada written exam.

The Commercial Pilot License opens new opportunities not just for your career but for your adventures as a pilot. Whether you are looking to make a living out of your passion or simply want to advance your skills, this course is for you. Following a similar pathway as your Private Pilot Training, the CPL training will dive deeper into concepts you are already familiar with while introducing you to new knowledge and skills.

The following 4 main topics of Commercial Pilot Ground School will challenge your thoughts, open up new ways of critical thinking as a pilot, and test your knowledge to prepare you not only for the Transport Canada written exam but for your future as a Commercial Pilot.

Air Law
Aeronautics - General Knowledge

Included With This Course:
- 1-Year Access
- Continued access upon course completion
- Detailed interactive course material including videos, podcasts, photos, diagrams, text, assignments,
interactions that will prepare you for the CPAER exam
- AI Question Modules that adapt to your learning needs
- Commercial Pilot Exam Prep course with over 600 questions similar to those on the Transport Canada exam
A recommendation for the CPAER exam
- Multiple avenues of support including virtual one-on-one and group sessions, discussion boards, email, and
- Access to discounts on future courses
- A Certificate confirming course completion

There is no specific prerequisite to taking this ground school course however in order to obtain a Commercial Pilot License you must meet the following:

Hold a Private Pilot License
18 years of age at the time of licensing
Hold a category 1 medical
English language proficiency

As with any large course, the material covered within will be supplemented by some external resources. The Level Flight CPL Ground School references the following resources and provides assigned reading from them at various points throughout the course. They can be purchased individually in the Pilot Shop or as part of the Commercial Pilot Ground School Kit here.

The access term is one year which is unlocked after the course completion so you can come back to refresh any time. Please note that if your ground school access term expires but you still need more time you can add more, contact us for details.

This course comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can buy with confidence!

  • Configuration and Support
  • The DEV Experience
  • Browser Configuration (Important)
  • Submit Ongoing Feedback Here
  • Introduction
  • CPL Course Introduction
  • CPAER Exam
  • Units of Measure
  • Introductory Survey
  • General Knowledge 1
  • Human Factors
  • AI Learning Module - General Knowledge 1
  • Introduction to AI Learning
  • AI Learning Modules
  • Human Factors 1 LM
  • Human Factors 2 LM
  • Tell us what you think of the new AI learning modules
  • Air Law - Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • CPL Licensing Requirements
  • Air Law (CPL)
  • Air Law - New Duty Regulations Effective December 2022
  • AI Learning Module - Air Law
  • General/Aerodromes/Licensing/Air Traffic Services & Procedures LM
  • General Operating and Flight Rules Part 1 LM
  • General Operating and Flight Rules Part 2 LM
  • Commercial Air Services LM
  • General Knowledge 2
  • Airframes & Theory of Flight (CPL)
  • Engines (CPL)
  • Aircraft Systems (CPL)
  • AI Learning Module - General Knowledge 2
  • Airframes Engines Systems 1 LM
  • Airframes, Engines, Systems 2 LM
  • Theory of Flight 1 LM
  • Theory of Flight 2 LM
  • Meteorology
  • Meteorology (CPL)
  • AI Learning Module - Meteorology
  • Met Theory 1 LM
  • Met Theory 2 LM
  • Met Theory 3 LM
  • Met Theory 4 LM
  • Met Forecasts, Observations & Charts LM
  • General Knowledge 3
  • Flight Operations (CPL)
  • Flight Instruments (CPL)
  • Night Operations
  • Night Operations Quiz
  • AI Learning Module - General Knowledge 3
  • Flight Instruments LM
  • Flight Operations 1 LM
  • Flight Operations 2 LM
  • Navigation
  • Navigation - Flight Planning
  • Navigation - Radio and Electric Theory (CPL)
  • Radio Navigation
  • Commercial Operations
  • Commercial Operations Introduction
  • High Altitude Indoctrination
  • Critical Surface Contamination
  • Airborne Icing
  • Fatigue Awareness
  • Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
  • RVSM
  • Exam Prep
  • CPL Exam Prep
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever