Exam Prep

Private Pilot Exam Prep

Practice for your PPAER exam with this course. It delivers a comprehensive database of over 600 sample exam questions that mimic the real thing! What are the benefits?

- Practice sample questions from each major topic
- View your performance on each major topic
- Study at your own pace
- Modern easy to use system

By purchasing this course you will receive 6 months of access allowing you plenty of time to prepare for your exam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have purchased the Level Flight Private Pilot Ground School Course DO NOT purchase this course as it is already included in your ground school program.
  • Introduction
  • What you need
  • Practice Questions
  • Air Law Practice
  • General Knowledge Practice
  • Meteorology Practice
  • Navigation Practice 1
  • Navigation Practice 2
  • PPAER Practice Tests
  • Practice Exams Important Info
  • PPAER Practice Exam 1
  • PPAER Practice Exam 2
  • PPAER Practice Exam 3
  • Exam Recommendation
  • PPAER Exam Recommendation Request
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "PPAER Practice Exam 1, PPAER Practice Exam 2, PPAER Practice Exam 3"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever